Friday, May 30, 2014

What a riot!... 2013-2014

   How blessed I am that I've found a job I am in love with...and a great family and friends to support me in it!  I had such a fun time during my first year of opening a bonafide preschool.  I'm pretty sure I had the cutest and best behaved kids in town, though, so it could go drastically downhill from here ; ).  I think the only thing I came away regretting was joking around a little too much and teaching them the word "gungle"...a word that tends to slip from my lips when a child is doing something that makes no sense because they weren't paying attention.  We all had a great repoire with one another.  They made me laugh so much.  I loved seeing the boys especially pick out their own dress-ups and wear them for a good portion of preschool time.  I will miss their interactions with me.
The subjects the kids this year thrived on most were art, drama, and cooking.  They never seemed to tire of our time upstairs in the kitchen.  I think my favorite theme was our travel theme.  We explored Australia and Africa, but Australia was my surprise favorite of the year.  The kids' favorite seemed to be Sticks and Stones...they loved acting out The Three Little Pigs story and continued doing it the rest of the year whenever the fabric houses were brought out. Rocco, Nash, Anna, Aurelia, and Amelia will always hold a special place in my heart.

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